2nd International Congress of Political, Economic and Financial Analysis - 2020 (PEFA-2020)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Erdemir GÜNDOĞMUŞ


Distinguished representatives of our universities and industry,

In parallel with social change, social sciences also change and find the basis for renewal. Removing uncertainties on the issues related to society, apprising the public opinion, discussing new sights for development, creating solutions for social problems, are some of the basic aims of social sciences. On the other hand, being able to carry out collaborations by underpinning importance of the relations and sharing of information between different branches of social sciences may mediate in evaluating the results obtained by applying scientific methods, adapting different views and theories from other fields to a new scholarly field, and, in a substantial way, help people achieve developments that are beneficial on a global scale.
In this regard, we will be honoured to welcome our esteemed guests to the 1st International Congress of Political, Economic and Financial Analysis - 2020 (PEFA-2020), organised by Adnan Menderes University, Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the frame of which will provide the ground for the studies on changes and latest developments in the field of social sciences both in our country and worldwide.


Aim of the congress is to bring scientists and scholars from different countries, institutions and disciplines together to open new horizons for researchers, and to increase international cooperation by encouraging interdisciplinary studies.

All field and sub-field works within the framework of economic and administrative programs related to the social sciences is invited to share either basic or applied studies at the Congress. The congress topics consist of the following titles: Labor Economics, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Human Resources Management, Labor Law, Public Finance, Public Administration, Urbanization, Environment and Energy, Finance, Accounting / Auditing, Marketing, Health Management, Political Science, Sociology, Strategic Management, International Relations, International Trade / Logistics, Production Management / Quality Control, Management / Organization, Management Information Systems, as well as other related fields in social and economic fields of study.